Private Pilot’s License with Sussex Flying Club

The PPL course is broken down into sections and consists of a minimum of 45 hours of flight time with a skill test and 9 ground exams.

Private Pilot’s License with Sussex Flying Club

“Training for a Private Pilot’s Licence is by no means as difficult as it would first appear.”


How to Obtain a Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL)
The PPL course is broken down into sections and consists of a minimum of 45 hours of flight time with a skill test and 9 ground exams. In order that you do not get out of practice, we recommend flying, on average, once a fortnight. Frequent flying lessons help to ensure you don’t over-run the course minimum by too much, so we structure the course around your requirements and times.

Flight Training Structure
The 45 hours flight training is a minimum requirement set down by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This breaks down as follows:

  • Your first 10-15 hours will be learning basic aircraft handling, flying straight and level, climbing, turning, descending, taking off and most important of course, landing. This will lead you to your first solo flight; you will never forget this one!
  • The next 15-20 hours is Navigation, how to go from Shoreham to other airports and land at them. This is a really enjoyable part of the course as you get to fly all over Southern England.
  • After this you will do a further 5 -10 hours of solo flying, including solo navigation, ending up with your Qualifying Cross Country Flight.
  • All you have to do now is a couple of hours of revision for your final flight test.


The Final Test
There is a Skill Test at the end of your flight training, by which time you should be feeling confident and relaxed at the controls of an aircraft, having built up a lot of confidence on your solo flights. The test is broken into two main parts; the first part deals with your navigating abilities, and the second part deals with general flying. It is worth noting that we have a resident examiner here at Sussex Flying Club.

Other Factors
You can commence your training aged fourteen. Whilst you can fly solo as young as sixteen, the minimum age for holding the PPL is seventeen and any pilot wishing to obtain a licence must pass what is known as a Class Two Medical. This is a basic medical check to ensure you are fit to fly. It is not very involved, but can only be carried out by CAA approved doctors; we have a local one. You can start the flight training before obtaining your medical, but you cannot be sent on solo flights without it. Wearing glasses is not generally a problem.

The type of aircraft you learn to fly in is another choice for you to make. It is cheaper to learn in the Cessna (2 seater) and convert to the Piper Warrior (4 seater) after obtaining a PPL. The conversion only takes about two hours and is worth doing if you intend flying with extra passengers. The Piper Warrior is more spacious and more suitable for taller students.

Ground Studies (Theoretical Knowledge)
The ground exams are not difficult and we can provide you with some very good training aids here at Sussex Flying Club. There are 9 ground exams, which have a 75% pass mark and consist of just multiple choice questions. All the exams when you are ready to take them are done here at Sussex Flying Club. You will get a lot of tuition on these subjects whilst you are here.

Ground Exams
Click here for a breakdown of the nine ground exams

Course Cost
The following will give a general overview of the course costs and are based on the minimum time of 45 hours training. Some costs are based on an average of what would be required. For example:

  1. Shoreham based landing fees are charged by the airport and are applicable to the aircraft’s final movement at the end of the lesson.
  2. Touch and go fees are charged by the airport. These are applicable when learning to take off and land the aircraft. During these sessions the aircraft will land and then take off again without stopping.
  3. Ground school, there are only about three hour’s ground school that must be done as part of the course. Any ground school sessions after that are at your request.
  4. Test fees, there are two Civil Aviation Authority tests that must be passed for the grant of the PPL.


Choosing an aircraft
We currently have two different types of aircraft for initial PPL training. It is totally your decision which one you would prefer to take the course on.

There are two considerations when choosing which aircraft to learn on. The first is cost (detailed below). The second is comfort. There is more room in the four seater and we may have to request that you learn in the larger PA28 aircraft if you are more than 6’ 2’’ or 14 stone (90kgs) in weight.

PPL Starter Packages Available (All Prices Include VAT)
If you’re thinking of learning to fly this exclusive package is perfect, providing Three One Hour Flying Lessons and includes a FREE logbook.

Cessna 152 £589.00
Piper Warrior £699.00
Training Rates C152 PA28
45 hours at Current Rate £8,694.00 £10,476.00
Other costs to allow for: Cost
45 Landing Fees at £31.20 £1,404.00
30 Touch and Goes at £13.20 £396.00
Nine Ground Exams at £42.00 £378.00
CAA Flight Test Fee £210.00
CAA Radiotelephony Practical Test £102.00


  • These prices are current for August 2018
  • Prices do not include books and equipment that will be required
  • CAA Licence Issue Fee not included
  • Landings at Other Aerodromes not included
  • CAA Medical Fees not included


You may pay for each flight at a time, “Pay as you go.” However please note, discounts are available for pre-payment, please contact us for more information regarding this, or any other queries you may have and we will be pleased to discuss them with you.

Trial Lessons
Trial Lessons

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PPL Starter Package
PPL Package

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Trial Lessons

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