Learning to Fly - A Documentary Film

“Learning to Fly - A Documentary Film” is an inspiring documentary following the journey of Horsham resident Beth Moran learning to fly at Sussex Flying Club. Through this web page, facebook and twitter, those with an interest in learning to fly, considering a trial lesson or who may have an interest in aviation, can follow Beth’s journey.

Learning to Fly - Now available on Video on Demand with Vimeo

Beth had an initial trial lesson on 17 December 2015 and started her Private Pilot’s Licence training in late March 2016. The documentary is being produced by Sussex based Fact Not Fiction Films. Fact Not Fiction Films has produced many aviation themed documentaries including 'Spitfire Sisters', 'Air Transport Auxiliary', 'Pilot Fatigue' and the 2012 Academy Award Contender 'Shady Lady’.

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Beth Moran Thunderbird Interview with Channel 5


Brighton City Airport, 4 August 2020

Learning to Fly - Now available on Video on Demand with Vimeo

Learning to Fly is an inspiring six part documentary film following the journey of Beth Moran learning to fly at Sussex Flying Club. From her first flight, to going on to the be the youngest girl ever to fly with the USAF Thunderbirds in a F-16.

Filmed over 2 years, and supported by leading aviation brands such as Sussex Flying Club, Brighton City Airport, Pooleys, Bose, Icom, Garmin, NYCO, USAF and many others we follow Beth's amazing journey into the amazing world of aviation.

Episode 1 (26 minutes)

A young Beth Moran arrives at Brighton City Airport, the oldest commercial airfield to start her training as a Private Pilot with Sussex Flying Club. Her first flight leaves her with a smile. There are so many new things to learn but the thrill of learning to fly makes this a journey she would not miss for the world. Beth visits the control tower and talks with the head of engineering - so much to learn.

Episode 2 (26 minutes)

Beth learns the basics of flying and what happens when you fly too slowly. There are 9 written exams to do and she passes her first exam with flying colours. Whilst not flying there are many other interesting things to learn about like going on a runway inspection and talking to the captain of a police helicopter that has arrived at the airport. Beth undertakes her medical test with an approved examiner.

Episode 3 (26 minutes)

Beth learns about slow flight and stalling before flying to Goodwood to land on a grass runway. Things don’t quite go to plan. A visit to a paragliding school shows her another form of flying. More and more takes offs and landings. Every landing takes her closer to the day she will fly on her own for the first time. Should be soon.

Episode 4 (26 minutes)

The big day has arrived. After a few more circuits, Beth flies solo for the very first time. A remarkable moment then celebrated with friends and family. More written exams follow. She is on her way to becoming a pilot. On a work trip to Canada she experiences her first flight in a helicopter - another world of flying. On a walk in the countryside she meets Mike Clarke the owner of a World War 1 replica plane - landing ‘in his back garden’!

Episode 5 (26 minutes)

Chief flying instructor James Crabbe takes Beth to Lydd airport as she starts her cross country flying both dual and on her own. Beth completes her final written exam and experiences her first flight in a glider with gliding expert Guy Westgate. Her final flying exam is very soon.

Episode 6 (26 minutes)

The final flying test sees Beth qualify as a Private Pilot. Beth takes her father flying as her first passenger and experiences her first flight in a twin engine aircraft. Beth makes aviation history by becoming the youngest guest to fly with the United States Air Forces Thunderbirds in an F-16 and pulls 9.2g. What a journey.


Learning to Fly is an amazing six part journey into the world of aviation. Although we learn a lot about flying in the six part series, the film is not a step by step tutorial film on how to fly.

Sussex Flying Club is taking flight with new aviation film

Brighton City Airport, 22 April 2016

Trainee Pilot from Horsham to star in upcoming documentary at Brighton City Airport

In a new documentary being made with Sussex Flying Club, a former Horsham Collyer’s student will train as a private pilot and be filmed as she progresses through the course. Beth Moran, 20, from Horsham, is to receive training for her Private Pilot Licence (PPL) following a partnership between the Sussex Flying School at Brighton City Airport (at Shoreham) and Sussex based film company, Fact Not Fiction Films.