Ground Examinations (PPL)

The ground exams are not difficult and we can provide you with some very good training aids here at Sussex Flying Club.

Ground Examinations (PPL)

“There are 9 ground exams, which have a 75% pass mark and consist of just multiple choice questions. All the exams when you are ready to take them are done here at Sussex Flying Club. You will get a lot of tuition on these subjects whilst you are here.”


Air Law and Operational Procedures (Two Exams)
This is the first topic you will sit which has been split into 2 exams. It must be passed prior to your first solo flight. Despite the daunting title, the majority of this subject consists of simple rules and regulations to help ensure safe flight (like the Highway Code!).

Human Performance
Normally the next (and easiest) exam, this subject looks at the physiological and psychological well being of pilots and passengers and how our attitudes can increase safety.

Understanding the weather is essential to ensuring safe flight. This is often the next exam sat and is one of the most interesting subjects you will study. It is also something you will need to know about every time you plan a flight.

This exam is taken during or before you actually start your cross-country navigation exercises in the aircraft. It teaches you all the basic principles of visual navigation on a theoretical level, which can then be applied to actual flying.

Aircraft General Knowledge and Principles of Flight (Two Exams)
These exams are also split into two and are taken towards the end of your course, by which time you will have picked up a lot of knowledge on how the aircraft flies and what makes it work – always reassuring!

Flight Performance and Planning
This covers the operating limitations as well as weight, balance and runway lengths needed under various conditions.

This exam is taken in two parts, firstly a written paper and then a practical test. You will be introduced to using the radio whilst flying and will become confident in its use. You can practice on our simulator equipment at any time during the course, you will find this helpful. Sussex Flying Club is a CAA approved radio training and testing centre, so we do lots of this for pilots from other places.

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