Aircraft Fleet at Sussex Flying Club

Aircraft Fleet at Sussex Flying Club

Sussex Flying Club have recently acquired their third Piper Warrior III, and now has the most updated Piper fleet at Shoreham airport. The range of aircraft available now includes three Cessna 152's, two Piper PA28 Warrior III's and a Piper PA28 Arrow. We own the majority of our aircraft and, unlike many training organisations, do not lease them from distant sources.

Most people learn to fly in one of our popular two-seater Cessna 152's, which have a reputation as highly reliable and easy-to-fly training aeroplanes. This is also a popular aeroplane to rent out on a self-fly-hire basis due to its relatively low hourly cost.

Cessna 152 Sussex Flying Club operates 3 of these reliable two seat training and touring aircraft which are very popular. These industry  standard aircraft make the perfect start to your flying career. The aircraft are well equipped and cruise at approximately 90kts  and have a range of around 400 miles.

For touring, the four-seater Piper PA28's are preferable due to their higher capacity, range and speed. All of our PA28s include IFR (instrument flight) compliant cockpits and allow holders of appropriate ratings to fly in a very wide range of weather conditions, or in airways for long-distance flights. While our Piper aircraft have been all across Europe, the Cessna aircraft are usually used for instruction in the local area - however it is up to you which type of aircraft you would like to train in.

Piper PA28 Warrior III This four seat training and touring aircraft cruises at over 100kts and 
is well equipped for basic and advanced training. The modern,  comfortable interior is in beautiful condition and trimmed in leather. Piper PA28 Arrow This four seat aircraft is the latest of the PA28 type aircraft. It has a  variable pitch propeller and retractable undercarriage, giving it a  cruising speed of 125kts. This makes it ideal for cruising and longer  or overseas trips.

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